Keynotes & Sessions

Keynote - We Will Survive!!

We survive as middle school teachers because middle school teachers know and understand that having a sense of humor, building positive and strong relationships, and being able to manage our middle ones are critical to our survival as middle level educators. Join me as we have fun laughing, playing, and celebrating all the great things about being a middle school teacher.

Breakout Session - Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Motivating the Middle School Student

Looking for a little “spice” to fire up your students? Want quick, easy activities to engage your class? Learn hands-on activities and strategies designed to motivate the middle school student. Activities used in a geography class will be presented but can be easily adapted to any subject matter.

Breakout Session - If You Can't Manage Them, You Can't Teach Them

Having the ability to manage kids is a must in creating a classroom where all students have an opportunity to learn. Learn practical techniques to implement in your classroom to help create a positive learning climate.

Breakout Session - Engaging Boys ... Yes, It Is Possible!

71% of the discipline referrals in public schools are boys.  Join Kim as we discuss brain development of boys, strategies to engage boys, and ways to motivate boys to be successful in your classroom.  Participants will leave with hands-on activities that work with boys ... and the girls love them, too!

Breakout Session - Got Mean Girls??

Every school has mean girls, Queen Bees, and Wannabees. In this session, we explore relational aggression among girls. Participants will learn the causes and strategies to combat this horrible phenomenon.

Breakout Session - Transforming the Norm

What if we as educators reimagined what our classrooms could look like, sound like or be like? To help prepare our students for the 21st century, we must move away from being the 'sage on the stage' to the 'guide on the side.' We must give our students choice and voice in all that we do in our classrooms. Join Kim as we look at transforming the norm. Participants will leave with ideas and thoughts about creating a classroom where kids thrive and become better prepared for the future.

Breakout Session - Brain Boosters ... On Steroids!

Kids can only actively listen to you for as many minutes as their age.  Therefore, we must move our students or they will move us in ways we wish we could forget.  Join Kim as she demonstrates and models several brain boosters to get kids moving and having fun in your class.

Breakout Session - Rigor, Relationships, and Relevance: The New 3R's

Let's discuss, dialogue, and learn practical strategies to create a classroom that is rigorous and relevant. Strategies will include differentiation, higher order thinking skills, and simple ways to build community and relationships. Participants will leave the session with many strategies to add to their toolboxes to create a classroom that is rigorous, relevant, and relationship based.

Breakout Session - Ten Tips to Survive Being a New Teacher

Being a new teacher can be challenging ... but we need you, our communities need you, our country needs you, and - most importantly - our kids need you!  Join Kim as we discuss ten ways to hang in there, balance the chaos, and stay in the greatest profession in the world.

Breakout Session - Just Because They Write It Down, Doesn't Mean They Get It!

Covering your content is one thing ... making sure your students understand it is another.  Join Kim as we discuss quick, engaging, and practical strategies to incorporate into your class so students leave understanding the content, not just hearing the content.

Breakout Session - Restorative Justice: What is it and how does it work?

Research shows that suspending students does NOT change behavior, but instead increases the chances of students dropping out of school and has a direct correlation to the student to prison pipeline. We'll discuss new strategies to address behavior by using restorative justice practices and educating students rather than by relying strictly on punishment and consequences. Participants will leave the session with several ideas being implemented in my school in which we are finding tremendous success.

Breakout Session - Creating a Culture Where Teachers Can Teach and Students Can Learn

Before students can be open to learn, a positive environment must be created. Learn practical ways to develop a positive culture in your classroom where you can teach ... and students WANT to learn.

Breakout Session - Trauma Informed Classroom

Understanding trauma will help you better understand many of your students. This session is a beginner session on trauma. We will discuss what trauma is, the ACE survey, and how you can become a trauma informed educator.

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